Sunday, September 25, 2011

My friends and their Stupidity


Everyone has stupidity inside them. But some of them have it more than others .Sometimes their smartness fails and their stupidity gets exposed. Sometimes they accidently blurt/show it out.
There have been a few instances where stupidities of some of my friends have been caught red handed. Here are a few of them.

One day in my French class, one of my friend asked the teacher” Ma’am, How do you say ‘I love you’ in French? ”.
She smiled and wrote two sentences in the Board. My friend immediately asked “Does both the sentences mean the same?”.”No” she replied.”The first one means ‘I love you’ and the second means’ I hate you’. In case the girl replies back, you should be able to understand it right!!”Her smart reply put an end to the silly doubts of my friend.

I was telling my friend that most of the important functions this year unfortunately fall on weekends. Functions like Republic Day, Holi..Gandhi Jayanthi...Diwali...All are falling on weekends.
He being a boastful guy quickly cut me and replied “Yes, even Christmas and Good Friday are falling on Weekends.”

One day, my stupid friend who was staying in a nearby area went to have a Hair-cut. Being shy and innocent, he didn’t try searching for a proper Saloon shop for his hair-cut. There was a billboard under a tree that read “Obama Saloon”. He immediately sat down in the shade of the tree and got his hair cut over there. After the hair cut was done, he asked the barber for a mirror. The barber replied “There is a car standing there!! Use its mirrors”. Poor guy even had to pay Rs 70 for this extraordinary special hair-cut.

My uncle had gone to the family doctor for a check up. As they were chatting casually, he said “Nowadays people have gone mad and they rush to shops like Big Bazaar like a fish market. The doctor with a grin on his face replied”Oh...Ok... (Cough) Even I went there today!” I don’t think my uncle went there again.

Some of them are experts in bluffing. As i was walking with my friend in a quite peaceful area of Bangalore, we suddenly heard a thunderous noise. Since air force fighter planes keep circulating around sometimes, I thought it was a just a fighter plane flying.
My friend immediately said “I can identify the planes by their sounds. I think it is an F-16”.Just as he finished saying this, an auto rickshaw passed a few metres ahead of us. It was making the deafening sound we just heard. My dumbstruck and embarrassed friend didn’t have anything to say after that.

Will be continued in part 2.

If the above mentioned friends are reading this, please understand “Iam very sorry. I can’t stop talking and showing off my dear stupid friends.Moreover..


  1. ha ha , u left out the parts where u might have done something stupid. smart :P :D