Monday, April 30, 2012

Kids in trains | A nightmare for others?

When i travelled to Bangalore last week, there was a kid accompanied by his family who were sitting beside me. Throughout the journey, I could not stop observing the conversations and actions of the kid and his family members. I witnessed the interesting incidents and decide to blog about it. Read on... 

The granny started with the most commonly used tool used to scare kids:
There is a doctor sitting in front of us, he will put you an injection if you misbehave.
Few grannies sitting around begged the boy “What is your sweet name, baby”. Irritated by their question, the kid twists his face and sassily replies” You old Pattis (grannies) are ragging me, so I won’t tell you my name”. Now that was some attitude by the kid!!

When the train stopped at various stations, men with their white dhotis and women in their Kanchipuram saris stormed the pathway with their huge old luggages. The kid was in his own world and continued tapping his feet and dancing, thereby blocking their way. The mom kindly said to him “Please kanna, don’t block their way; (in a soft tone, but now she turned angry) or else they will throw you out of the train.” The kid allowed them to pass by and snorted at them.

Sometime later, the kid walked to and fro in the coach humming few rhymes. To convince him to sit, his dad said “Come, catch my hand or else you will fly away”. The kid shot back “Don’t worry dad, I am 24 kgs now and won’t fly away”. The dad now becomes irritated and questions his wife “You should be strict to him” and they start arguing. The kid giggles at their fight and resumes singing his rhymes.

The kid now became excited and starts shouting “ A for apple, B for ball...”. Angered by his behaviour, his amma yells “Don’t make noise, else the train will stop.” It echoed in the silent AC coach, but the kid was lest bothered and continued 
“... M for monkey, N for... ”. 
Soon it was lunch time and all the passengers unpacked their sambar and curd rice and started eating it. Just like other kids, this boy fussed over his food; pissed with all the fuss, the grandfather who just woke up for lunch said to him “Eat the food or else the crow will take it away”. He was still in a sleep mood and had forgotten the fact that they were travelling. The child laughed at his foolishness and continued playing with his spoon.

After finishing his lunch, the kid asked his mom “When will we reach Bangalore?” She pointed to one of the trees at a distance and said that was Bangalore. The child wittily replied “I thought Bangalore had lot of buildings, but i can only see trees”. The mom stared at him and the kid immediately went back to playing. 

 When the mom could not control him anymore, she pointed her fingers at the innocent ticket inspector who had a bald head and a Charlie Chaplin moustache and said to the kid “Go to sleep or else he will put you in Jail” Unfortunately, the funny looking TTR failed to scare the kid.   

At last, she gave up all her attempts, and finally hugged and kissed him gently and asked “ Why do u trouble me so muchhh?” The kid gazed at his moms eyes and responded with a song
 “Why this Kolaveri di, why this kolaveri kolaveri di?” 

#after that, Bangalore arrived and story over 

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